Cire Trudon

Duftkerze Cire Trudon Cyrnos

New SCENT: CIRE (Protect the bees)


The Cire scented candle is an olfactory representation

of the manufacture: symbolic, it blends emanations of warm wax and perfumes being crafted.


Reinterpreting Cire Trudon’s fundamental values - ancient savoir-faire and commitment to excellence - the scented candle reveals a unique perfume:  behind the amber colored glass, a beeswax absolute.

Bees and beeswax have always been at the heart of the manufacture’s History: since the 17th century, Cire Trudon’s motto is “Deo regique laborant”, which means: “they (the bees) work for God and the King”.


Head: Bergamot, Honey, Waxed wood.

Heart: Cinnamon essential oil, Beeswax absolute, Sandalwood essential oil.

Base: Musk, Patchouli essential oil, Vanilla, Tonka bean.

Suggested retail price: 85€



carriére fréres: The new DIFFUSER


Inspired by the work of ancient herbalists, Carrière Frères’ fragrance diffuser comes in the shape of an apothecary flask.

Made out of recycled and recyclable glass, the fragrance diffuser is recognizable to its bluish tint.


More, Carrière Frères embraces a fully sustainable approach, through carefully sourced natural components: a 100% natural alcohol-base, a recyclable cork stopper and untreated rattan sticks. The beauty of raw recycled glass lies in its slight imperfections and asperities, making every product unique.

It is therefore natural to observe small irregularities on the product, such as air bubbles for example, which will vary on each bottle.


The bottle of the perfume diffuser can be recycled again.

Together, they provide a sound base to further distil fresh


Five botanical scents:

tomato, spearmint, lavender, ginger and rosemary.




La Promeneuse, Deko Duftlampe von Pauline Deltour, Stiel Jugendstiel




A fruit from the prunus domestica family, the Mirabelle is, by definition, “beautiful to look at”, from the Italian mirabella.


Known since the Antiquity as prunus domestica syriaca,

the plum tree was cultivated in Asia Minor, throughout Persia and Eastern Europe.


Roman manuscripts trace the mirabelle’s origin back to Syria: at times when the Romans ruled over the region, different varieties of plums including mirabelles were introduced in Rome.


Dark yellow in color, this small rounded plum is often covered in a thin – and edible - wax coating called pruine (wax bloom).

Its perfume is like its texture: sugary yet delicate.


Upper Ten Lubin Parfum Duft




“Evocations de Lubin”

These compositions are characterized by their simplicity. The heart of these eaux de parfum always combines 2 or 3 natural ingredients only, which makes them legible immediately.

The precious ingredients which mingle together bring the sensation of outdoor scents, long lasting and fresh at the same time.

Every perfume evokes a rare and precious moment in a particular place: aboard a sailboat which clears off on the Atlantic Ocean in the early hours, in a Tuscan garden in springtime or at twilight in the scrubland of the Peloponnese.

Elegant and sober, the eaux de parfum of the new “Evocations de Lubin” collection address both men and women.